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Renewal Aqsiq


Renewal Aqsiq
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Foreign suppliers for the continuation of the period of registration, registration certificate should be in the 90 days prior to the expiry of the General Administration of Quality Supervision renewal application.For extension of validity of registration of foreign suppliers should be in accordance with the provisions of the State Administration of Quality Supervision submit an electronic application and submit the following


written materials:

A. 《Application Form for Registration of Overseas Supplier Enterprises of Imported Scrap Materials》;
B. All the AQSIQ applying companies need hand in the company business and tax registration documents, and the documents need to be notarized by local notarial office;
C. The plan of fixed office and processing locations need to be marked with dimension; Photos of office and processing location (company name need to be shown on the photos);
D. the original registration certificate;
E. The types of waste materials have been submitted to the registration of waste materials each year pre-shipment inspection certificate and / or import of waste materials, Inspection and Quarantine Customs Clearance copy (of the year for all sorts of at least 1).

The AQSIQ shall receive continuation of registration within 90 days from the date of the application to decide whether the decision to grant registration renewal.

not submitted renewal applications for foreign suppliers in the registration certificate is valid after the expiration of their registration automatically lose.



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AQSIQ Application

Renewal Aqsiq

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AQSIQ download the application form in English

AQSIQ download the application form in china
Solid wastes as raw materials imported foreign suppliers Implementing Rules for registration

oreign suppliers currently approved aqsiq registered a total of 2563 full list

The AQSIQ certificate method of identification guide



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