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Beijing Tong Rui Lian Technology Co., Ltd. Is a company registered in Beijing, China's service-oriented company, founded in 2003, the predecessor of Beijing Bolian Business Information Center letter later renamed the Union for the Beijing Tong Rui Technology Co., Ltd.. China's accession to WTO was established in the main business of international trade in services enterprises to enter Chinese market in different sectors of pre-need license access, Services such as: Aqsiq registration, CCC, imported cosmetics orders, imports of feed and additives registered, imported Chinese food label verification certificates, etc., overseas companies to reduce the need for products to enter Chinese market The long period of time and red tape. We can act as your pre-offices in China: for your customers to carry out pre-market development, looking for Chinese buyers, negotiating the price and payment terms, it is like in their own State sales offices. "Beijing Tong Rui Union" service philosophy is based on outstanding professional service quality, customer service and years of market experience, and relevant government agencies and the capital good working relationship for the enterprise products Successfully imported, provide a good professional service.


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