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Solid wastes as raw materials imported foreign supplier registration FAQ



Solid wastes as raw materials imported foreign supplier registration FAQ

1 How to be found in imported solid wastes as raw materials supplier registration of foreign-related announcements and registration application?
A: The "imported solid wastes as raw materials inspection and quarantine supervision and management measures" (AQSIQ Decree No. 119) and "imported solid wastes as raw materials supplier of foreign registration Management Regulations" (hereinafter "Implementation Rules") (AQSIQ Announcement No. 98 of 2009) by AQSIQ website.
(2) foreign suppliers of imported waste materials shall be submitted for registration which materials? How do I submit?
A: According to Article 9 of the management, implementation details of the provisions of Article VI, the foreign supplier is generally required to submit registration applications for five materials. Foreign suppliers need to follow the provisions of Article 7 of these Rules to submit registration materials.
3 foreign suppliers of imported waste materials in the electronic monitoring system, entry system found on the error in the information, how to deal with?
A: The entry of foreign suppliers found error in the information system, can not be immediately imported waste materials in electronic monitoring systems to resubmit an application to be submitted to the State Administration of Quality Supervision to withdraw the application pending a successful application for revocation in order to re-apply .
4. AQSIQ is designated as a specialized agency of imported waste materials suppliers registered foreign agent? Have designated ISO9001 accreditation bodies and certification bodies?
A: AQSIQ did not designate any agency as a supplier of imported waste materials registered foreign agent of the work and ISO9001 certification. On-site inspection found during the operation of quality management system to submit their application materials in the system file does not match the high frequency of ISO9001 certification, the AQSIQ will no longer credible relevant certification body of quality management system certification.
5. AQSIQ approved institutions which foreign suppliers of imported waste materials business registration document or tax registration documents notarized documents? Hong Kong enterprises to legalization? Japan, the Netherlands, Australia, how companies handle?
A: AQSIQ approved foreign suppliers where the country's foreign department, official notary department or the local embassy of China in the import of waste materials on the application of foreign suppliers of business registration document or tax registration documents notarized documents.
Hong Kong should be based on the "China-Appointed Attesting Officer (Hong Kong) Regulations" (Ministry of Justice Order No. 69) of the regulations related to notarization.
Waste materials supplier issued the following original documents, then these institutions need to provide notarized documentation: Affairs Bureau issued by the Japanese throughout the reputation of the business register; the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce (KAMER VAN KOOPHANDEL) issued a paper version of the business registration documents; Australia ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission) issued the business registration document (the need for ASIC official hand sign).
6 file for business registration / tax registration documents notarized copy of valid?
A: effective.
7 questions encountered in the process of registration which means you can consult?
A: The foreign suppliers can apply for AQSIQ registration issue advice.
8 requires registration of imported waste materials What is the scope? Our exports to the mainland China is ready to scrap rail, the need for foreign suppliers of imported waste materials register?
A: The need for registration of imported waste materials is included in the scope of import restrictions, import licensing directory or automatic directory wastes as raw materials (except waste ship), the specific implementation details see Annex I "imported solid wastes as raw materials Application for registration of foreign suppliers, "the" imported solid waste as raw materials supplier registration of foreign supply categories include HS codes correspond to the table. "
One meter below the old rail in accordance with waste materials management, need to apply for registration of foreign suppliers. More than a meter in accordance with the old mechanical and electrical management and the record, the specific method, please contact the inspection and supervision at 86-10-82260502 driver power.
9 on the document listed in the trade exporters are considered foreign waste materials supplier? Foreign suppliers of imported waste materials are required to submit registration applications?
A: The foreign supplier of imported waste materials is the seller of foreign trade contracts, which can be waste materials collection, processing, production companies, trading companies can be. Documents listed on the trade exporters, as foreign suppliers.
10 is only obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification system or RIOS foreign suppliers can apply for registration?
A: Each state has a lot of quality management system certification, ISO9001, RIOS system certification is only one of two types of waste materials as long as the foreign supplier or third-party review by an official accreditation agency to obtain quality management system certification can apply for registration, but the certification system to be approved by China AQSIQ. Access to quality management system certification is a prerequisite for application.
11 foreign supplier ISO9001 quality management system certification by the certification body in China issued by the AQSIQ is approved?
A: recognition.
12 before there is no direct export of waste materials to the Chinese mainland's foreign suppliers, can apply for foreign suppliers of imported waste materials registration certificate?
A: Yes, apply for registration of the enterprise should have AQSIQ Decree No. 119, Article VIII of the conditions.
13 apply for registration of foreign suppliers are not able to review the file after the passage of supplementary materials?
A: The review does not file the registration application by the State Administration of Quality Supervision will be issued directly "imported solid wastes as raw materials suppliers overseas notice shall not be registered", do not allow foreign suppliers to add material.
14 Division I received a notice of correction material sent in written materials within the specified time, why the delays in receiving results?
A: Most likely you are to make corrections Secretary in writing before the material is not registered mail of goods entering the inspection and quarantine supervision system for electronic correction, leading to entry reviewers can not accept the results.
15. AQSIQ accept foreign suppliers of imported waste materials and check whether the registration application fee?
A: accept foreign suppliers of imported waste materials and an examination of applications for registration of charge.
16. AQSIQ on foreign suppliers-the-spot check charge? Spot check how to implement?
A: The on-site inspection of charge, but on-site inspection need to be checked by the company to assist assessors visa formalities and provide necessary transportation and accommodation assistance.
On-site inspection before the AQSIQ will notify in writing or by fax check company. AQSIQ sent by the experts at the scene by "imported solid wastes as raw materials supplier of foreign registration site inspection record" (AQSIQ Announcement No. 98 of 2009 Annex 8) with suppliers quality management system documents to be checked.
Registration of newly approved foreign suppliers to obtain registration in the 1-2 years have to be through on-site inspection.
17 has received a certificate of registration of foreign suppliers, how to apply for pre-shipment inspection? Please inform the pre-shipment inspection agency's contact information.
A: Since September 1, 2007 onwards, on the ship for loading or in Japan and other 48 countries and regions, waste materials, foreign suppliers should be pre-shipment inspection agencies authorized to apply the appropriate pre-shipment inspection. Pre-shipment inspection agency business and contact information please refer to "a clear mandate on pre-shipment inspection of imported waste materials business and regional institutions Notice" (AQSIQ Notice No. 112 of 2007):
18 have been registered foreign suppliers should be prepared to change the contents of which registration materials?
A: The foreign supplier has registered the content of change of registration shall be in accordance the provisions of Article 13 of the management to submit the appropriate materials. Which foreign suppliers address, name changes or legal representative, the foreign suppliers need to provide notarized before and after changes in official documents.
19. Without the quality management system certification has been registered overseas suppliers can apply for additional types of waste materials for registration? Foreign suppliers can not make the AQSIQ to increase types of waste materials register again after the decision to submit an application?
A: without the quality management system certification has registered an increase of foreign suppliers can apply for registration of types of waste materials, foreign suppliers can not be made to increase the AQSIQ registration kinds of waste materials again after the decision submit an application.
Is not yet imported solid wastes as raw materials Environmental protection control standard waste materials (rubber waste, mineral waste, leather waste, scrap silicon, etc.) will not be accepted for registration applications and increase the types of applications for registration. Once the relevant national environmental protection control standards promulgated to apply.
20. Foreign suppliers to apply for registration certificate should be on how the continuation of procedures?
A: The foreign supplier for the continuation of the registration period, it should be managed in accordance with the provisions of Article 16 of the expiry of the registration certificate of 90-180 day extension to the AQSIQ application. Registration application for registration renewal or change the written material required to be mailed.
21 foreign suppliers can also apply for change, renewal registration status?
A: No. Foreign suppliers should complete the "registration of change", then a "registration renewal."
Such as changes to supplier name, legal representative, business address or registered office address, application should be submitted to change, extension of qualified application and then submit. Such as changes to submit a notarized application for business registration document or tax registration file contains the legal representative, supplier name, supplier address and other information of business registration, renewal application notarized document to use the previous instructions, you do not re- submit a notarized document.
22 I was registered in 2004, foreign suppliers, the second in 2007 for continuation of the successful qualification, the 2nd year for extension. Can I submit the renewal application in August, when they will get a new certificate?
A: The submission of the required renewal application and submit materials that have been registered foreign suppliers, through the material once the examination, the Bureau will be issued to the applicant a corresponding "imported solid wastes as raw materials suppliers abroad continuation of registration acceptance notice ", and then send the new registration certificate.
Since I Bureau plans to July 1, 2011 onwards, and gradually asked foreign suppliers have been registered with the Office electronic key allotment (E-Key) for pre-shipment inspection, our bureau is now making the appropriate electronic keys, take some time. So I Board as early as December this year, the new pre-shipment inspection certificate and related (PSI) inspection with electronic key sent by the China Post's EMS to your company's registered office address.
23 foreign supplier registration certificate has expired, the need to re-apply?
A: The failure to submit renewal application of foreign suppliers, in the registration certificate is valid after the expiration of its registration status automatically lose, should management practices and implementation rules apply for re-registration.
24 Division I inadvertently registration certificate is lost, how to re-submit?
A: The registration certificate is lost, foreign suppliers should be submitted to the AQSIQ certificate of registration statements and reissue applications is lost.
25. Imported goods inspection and quarantine supervision system password is lost, how to regain? How to apply for PSI system ID and password?
A: The system password is lost, foreign suppliers to submit to the State Administration of Quality Supervision password lost instructions, and apply password reset. Manual must contain applicant's application number or registration certificate number, name, telephone, fax, e-mail and other information, the legal representative of the manpower required to sign and seal of the company. Color scans can be sent by fax or email the instructions, the AQSIQ will fax or email this form. PSI application system ID and password are required to submit an application to the State Administration of Quality Supervision, application requirements apply for entry of goods with the inspection and quarantine supervision system, the instructions the same password.
26. AQSIQ informed by what form of registration of foreign suppliers to receive, review the situation?
A: The AQSIQ will be informed by mail notification by registered foreign suppliers receive, review the situation. Notice or certificate will be mailed to the office address of foreign supplier.
27 How to query the registration information on foreign suppliers and foreign suppliers have gigs?
A: The registration of foreign registered supplier information see: / index.html, AQSIQ notification penalty AQSIQ information please see related announcement.
28 Chinese environmental technical regulations and standards related to environmental control what data is currently the main? What are ways to get from?
A: The Chinese environmental protection technical regulations and standards related to environmental control are now, "Solid Waste Pollution Prevention Law of the PRC", "Control of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and their Disposal, Basel Convention" and the import of solid waste materials can be used for environmental protection control standards.


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